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With over 50 years of construction management experience, our team can perform services from site development to underground utilities, and more.

Materials Transportation

Our subsidiary, VISCO Corporation, can haul aggregate, sand, gravel, and other materials to and from jobsites.


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Coleman Industrial Group strives to provide clients with the highest quality of highway and civil construction services.

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Asphalt & Concrete

Coleman Industrial Group provides asphalt and concrete paving services in all 100 counties in North Carolina. Based in the Raleigh-Durham area, our tema has provided these services for industrial, commercial, and municipal construction projects.

  • New Construction: Our crews will excavate and remove the existing grass, dirt, concrete asphalt, or stone to the desired design depth. We will supply and install a crushed aggregate base course, compacted in lifts to the correct design elevations.
  • Remove and Replace: Coleman Industrial Group has the ability to remove the existing pavement section down to the stone layer. The existing sub-base will be regraded to ensure proper drainage and compacted in preparation for the new asphalt or concrete to be installed to the desired thickness.
  • Mill and Resurface: If the surface of your pavement is structurally sound, but has cracks, our crews can remove the deteriorated, wearing surface of your asphalt or concrete. During this process, we’re able to prepare the surface to the best grade possible for the drainage of stormwater. After milling the surface and applying the tack coat for binding to the existing asphalt, a new layer will be installed and returned to match the previous grade.

Additional asphalt & concrete services include: New Paving Construction, Clearing & Grubbing, Aggregate Base Course, Shoulder Construction
Milling, Asphalt Concrete Plant Mix Pavements & Repair, Incidental Concrete, Curb & Gutter, Sidewalk, Driveways and Wheelchair Ramps, Concrete Saw Cutting, Concrete Barrier, Crack & Joint Seal Repair, Work Zone Signs – Ground & Barricade Mounted.

Excavating & Grading

Coleman Industrial Group has all the necessary heavy equipment to take care of any size job for industrial, municipal, and commercial site development projects. After a site has been surveyed, whether you’re getting ready to demolish a structure on your site or preparing to install a roadway or subdivision road system, Clearing & Grubbing may be the first part of your plan – let us take care of the pre-construction work for you.

  • Clearing & Grubbing
  • Demolition
  • Hauling
  • Roadway & Subdivision Excavation & Grading
  • Silt Fence Installation/Stormwater Management
  • Workzone Traffic Control Devices

Underground Utilities

When planning a site development project, underground utilities are the necessary component on your list of things to prepare for in a roadway or subdivision infrastructure project. Our crews are trained and well-versed in the construction methods for water, sanitary sewer, storm drain, and pump stations. From pipe bursts to emergency management line failure, our crews are prepared to handle your utilities with safety as a top priority. 

  • Drainage Structures (Inlets, Catch Basins, Manholes)
  • Pipe Installation
  • Sanitary Sewer Installation
  • Silt Detention Basin
  • Waterline Installation

Bridges & Culverts

Coleman Industrial Group has the experience to plan and manage the building of bridges and culverts in Raleigh, Durham, and all the surrounding areas in North Carolina. We can help scope out the pre-construction phases to completion and repairs of any highway construction project. While we help with pre-engineering concepts, we can help plan for structure size, length, strength, and shape versatility for different types of applications, while taking into account any stormwater management systems or other barriers to span a structure over.

  • Box Beam & Cored Slab Bridges
  • Concrete Box Culverts
  • Guardrail Installation
  • Work zone signs – Ground and Barricade Mounted

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